“9 years ago, God smiled at me” – Sophia Momodu counts her blessings as her daughter, Imade, turns 9

Sophia Momodu, the mother of the adorable Imade Adeleke, took to social media to celebrate her daughter's 9th birthday. In a heartfelt post, Sophia expressed her gratitude for the blessing of having Imade in her life, stating that "9 years ago, God smiled at me" when her daughter was born.

Imade Adeleke, the daughter of popular Nigerian musician Davido, has captured the hearts of many with her infectious smile and bubbly personality. Over the years, she has become a social media sensation, with fans eagerly following her journey as she grows up before their eyes.

Sophia Momodu, who shares custody of Imade with Davido, has always been a doting mother to her daughter. Despite the challenges that come with co-parenting, Sophia has always put Imade's well-being first, ensuring that she receives the love and care she deserves.

In her birthday message to Imade, Sophia expressed her love and admiration for her daughter, describing her as a "blessing" and a "miracle." She thanked God for the gift of Imade and reflected on the joy and happiness that her daughter has brought into her life.

As Imade celebrates her 9th birthday, fans and well-wishers have flooded social media with messages of love and congratulations. Many have praised Sophia for her dedication to motherhood and for raising such a beautiful and well-mannered daughter.

Imade's birthday celebrations are sure to be a grand affair, with her family and friends coming together to make her day special. From lavish gifts to a fun-filled party, Imade is sure to be showered with love and affection on her special day.

As Imade enters her 9th year, she continues to grow and thrive, becoming a smart, talented, and confident young girl. With her parents' love and support, there is no doubt that Imade will continue to shine bright and make her mark on the world.

Sophia Momodu's message to her daughter serves as a reminder of the power of love and the joy that children bring into our lives. As parents, we are blessed with the opportunity to watch our children grow and flourish, guiding them along the way and celebrating their milestones with pride and joy.

Imade Adeleke's 9th birthday is a testament to the love and bond between mother and daughter, a bond that will only continue to strengthen and grow as they journey through life together. With Sophia's unwavering love and support, Imade is sure to achieve great things and make her mark on the world in her own unique way.

As we celebrate Imade's 9th birthday, let us take a moment to appreciate the blessings in our own lives and the joy that our children bring us each and every day. May we continue to cherish and nurture our relationships with our children, guiding them with love and compassion as they navigate the ups and downs of life.

Happy 9th birthday, Imade Adeleke! May your day be filled with love, laughter, and endless joy as you celebrate another year of life and blessings. And may your journey ahead be filled with success, happiness, and fulfillment as you continue to grow and shine bright.


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