New generation artists need to respect legends – ID Cabasa

In the ever-evolving world of music, new generation artists often find themselves in the spotlight, gaining fame and recognition for their unique sound and style. However, it is important for these up-and-coming artists to remember and respect the legends who paved the way for them.

One such legend in the Nigerian music industry is ID Cabasa, a renowned producer and songwriter who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. With a career spanning over two decades, ID Cabasa has made a significant impact on the Nigerian music scene and has helped to shape the sound of contemporary Nigerian music.

As new generation artists continue to rise to fame, it is crucial for them to acknowledge and pay tribute to the legends who came before them. These legends have laid the foundation for the music industry as we know it today, and their contributions should not be overlooked or forgotten.

Respecting legends like ID Cabasa is not just about paying lip service – it is about recognizing the hard work, dedication, and talent that these artists have brought to the industry. By showing respect to these legends, new generation artists can learn from their experiences and wisdom, and use it to further their own careers.

One way that new generation artists can show respect to legends like ID Cabasa is by collaborating with them on music projects. By working with these seasoned professionals, young artists can gain valuable insights and knowledge that can help them grow and develop as musicians.

Another way to show respect to legends is by acknowledging their influence and impact on the music industry. By giving credit where credit is due, new generation artists can help to ensure that the contributions of these legends are not forgotten or overlooked.

It is also important for new generation artists to study the work of legends like ID Cabasa and learn from their techniques and approaches to music production. By understanding the methods and strategies that these artists used to create their iconic sounds, young artists can improve their own skills and create music that is truly unique and innovative.

In addition to respecting legends like ID Cabasa, new generation artists should also strive to uphold the values and principles that these artists have embodied throughout their careers. By maintaining a strong work ethic, staying true to their artistic vision, and always striving for excellence, young artists can honor the legacy of the legends who came before them.

In conclusion, it is essential for new generation artists to respect and honor the legends who have shaped the music industry. By acknowledging the contributions of artists like ID Cabasa, young artists can learn from their experiences, collaborate with them on projects, and uphold their values and principles. By doing so, new generation artists can ensure that the legacy of these legends lives on and continues to inspire future generations of musicians.


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